The idea of our project – Let’s make money together!  Accordingly, you are interested in what your benefit is working with us. And since you read it, that is the case.

Before you become familiar with the details of the statistics, we will make notes for better understanding of the results.

For all services one trade account is used.

 You can also invest in this account. This means that you can trust your money in our management. (see PAMM section for more details).

The difference in the statistics of services PAMM, MAKE MONEY and COPY TRADE is as follows:

PAMM, MAKE MONEY – the broker shows the actual account status.

COPY TRADE statistics – shows a fixed profit.

Therefore, these indications may differ. This is true – because we use positional trade. The trading position may be open for several weeks and have a significant increase. As an investor, you can fixing profits and withdraw your money. We will hold the position according to our calculation.

Detailed statistics and details of trade deal according to our services:

MAKE MONEY – service for trader

COPY TRADE – forex signals service

PAMM service for investors

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