Whoever does not have two-thirds of his day for himself, is a slave!

Friedrich Nietzsche

Start of investing is one of the opportunities to change your financial position. You can postpone your savings to the bank, but until you allow your money to work for you and multiply, you will remain a slave. There are various ways to invest – business, promotions, management. Аcceptable is any one of this methods that multiplies your wealth. The difference may be in the amount of capital required to enter into a business and the level of risk. You must remember – investment is a risk in any business. Do you know that rich people are always at risk? You will not get money without risk. If you are ready for a moderate level of risk and are ready to start investing with a small amount of capital then – our offer should be interesting for you.

At your service is private investment project –



What is a PAMM account?

What is the principle of investing in PAMM?

Where do the money come from?

What does it mean to invest in a PAMM Account? You will have the opportunity to contribute financially to the trading account of a real trader in the forex market. A trader is trading on use own funds involves your capital. Accordingly, you are share the risks and profits in proportion to the trader. Distribution of profits and losses is fully automated and carried out by a broker that provides such services.

Our trading system.

The trading system is based on a short-term position strategy. This is the optimal and safest solution for effectively executing speculations in financial markets. We use our own forecasting technique for trade. The basis of the methodology is the natural and astronomical cycles. This is the basis, the effectiveness of which is proved and confirmed at the beginning of the last century. The trading system is adapted for the forex market from our side. 

More: The system of forecasting. 

Start your investment use a small deposit amount. Check out our trading statistics. We are invite you to join our account and participate in trade with us.


Going to success together! Join our team!


Benefits of Investing in PAMM Account:
  • Possibility to get an increased level of profit (for example, in comparison with bank interest).
  • Passive type of profit. This does not require additional action from you.
  • Self-management deposit account. You are decide when to enter funds or when to withdraw funds.
  • You are not able to access the manager trader for your deposit.
  • Full automation of the distribution of profits between the investor and the manager. This is eliminates the possibility of error and deception.
  • Ability to distribute risks through the formation of a portfolio from the accounts of various traders.
  • Ability to limit the level of losses.
  • Low level of required capital to start an investment.

Reservation. No one can not guarantee profits in the financial markets . Trading statistics do not guarantee the same dynamics in the future. Therefore, you are understand the risks and realize the possibility of losses.

This clause is applies not only to financial markets. In reality, any business is involves risk of loss. You or your friends was attempted to become entrepreneurs? How many of them went bankrupt after the first year of work? How much was noticed in 3-year anniversary of successful business? So – the risk is always there. And if it does not frighten you then you understand that it is important to properly manage the risks.

Risk management is all that can be done in the financial market. You can familiarize yourself with our risk management system on the basis of the declaration.



  • Risk per one deal – 5%
  • Simultaneous risk of all open transactions – 30%
  • Maximum daily risk (in case of failure of all transactions simultaneously – 45%)
  • The maximum risk for deposit is 70%.


Read is detail our declaration on the broker’s website under this link . Our experience and ability to work in the financial market will allow us to get a stable income together. We are offer a possibility for a profitable investment for investors and are ready to help traders.

Terms of investment.

The distribution of manager / investor profits is proportional to the size of your investment in a trading account.

  • When investing <500USD, –  manager 50% / investor 50%
  • At Investment> 500USD  – manager 40% / Investor 60%
  • If you are willing to invest over 20,000, we are ready to consider individual terms of investment and distribution of profits.


As a broker, we are offer ALPARI. ( To get started, you need to open an account with ALPARI. The minimum deposit amount is from $ 500. You can entrust all the funds for our management or distribute funds among other traders and thus form an investment portfolio. This solution is acceptable for beginners in the investment market and investors with experience.

How to invest:
  1. Open an investor account on the broker’s website (
  2. Enter the funds on your investment account.
  3. Invest in our account.

We are recommend investing for at least one month taking into account the peculiarity of our trade. This allows us to make one or two trading cycles for you to better profit. Do not postpone tomorrow what you can do today. Sign up now on the broker site. And is remember  Friedrich  Nietzsche’s words. Let it be the best incentive for you to find your way!





Even a correct decision is wrong when it was taken too late. – Lee Iacocca