Are you willing to be an investor and looking for a niche to get high returns on investment? Do you want to invest and be able to access your funds?

There is a solution!

Investment of funds: Your funds are on your account  ALPARY brokers.

Level of risk: There is an opportunity to determine the level of risk independently.

Free withdrawal of funds.

Minimum investment amount: minimum $ 500.

Our offer: investment in PAMM account.



What is a PAMM account?

What is the principle of investing in PAMM?

Definition. If you accept the following conditions:

  • You are aiming for a stable long-term passive profit.

  • You are mentally stable (you will not panic because of your account amount sinking by 10%, and you will not block your account and deduce funds when panic-stricken).

  • You are interested in a stable growth but not in a crazy interest with risk of losing everything.

  • You are ready to invest for a period of 2 months or more.

We guarantee a compliance with the rules of management and security!

This is the maximum that can be guaranteed in the financial markets!

We would like to draw your attention to the following: no one in the financial markets can guarantee the level of income. All income values are formed on expectations and pre-generated data based on the trade results. We advise ask you to take this fact into consideration in your further choice of a partner for an investment.

Nowadays it’s important to have additional sources of financial income. And the more you have independent sources of your profits the higher your financial freedom is. You can consider arbitrary opportunities to earn money. But when you have a little capital you have to decide how to multiply it. How to make it as efficiently as possible?

Please check the results of our trading accounts. Based on them, we are ready to provide you with an attractive offer of investments in the PAMM account. By entrusting your money to our management, you are investing in the system. This is the system based on natural cycles that works and generates a positive result in virtually all non-regulated markets. Such decision envisages the possibility of obtaining a stable return on investments.


Possibility to obtain an increased profit rate (for example, in comparison with bank interest rates).

  • Passive nature of profit. This does not require additional action from you.

  • Self-management of a deposit account. You decide when to deposit or when to withdraw the money.

  • Managing Trader is not able to access your deposit.

  • Complete automation of the distribution of profits between the trader and the manager. This eliminates the possibility of an error.

  • Possibility of distributing risks by portfolio building from accounts of different traders.

  • Ability to limit the loss rate.

  • Low capital to start-up an investment.

Accordingly, acting as your managing trader we are offering you the following benefits:


The basis is a short-term position strategy. This is the optimal and the safest solution for effectively executed speculations in the financial markets. For trade, we use our own forecasting technique. Its basis is a technique of natural and astronomical cycles. This is the basis, the effectiveness of which has been proved and confirmed at the beginning of the last century. From our side, an adaptation of the trading system is made for the Forex market.

More: The system of forecasting. 


For investments, you should personally open an investment account with a broker. A broker is an intermediary between a trader and an investor. A trader has no access to your funds and is interested in making a profit just like you.


This choice is appropriate if you are looking for an investment with an expected higher profit rate and the possibility of entering into a unit with a low investment rate. Also, this offer will be interesting for investors who form an investment package from the services of various traders.

We offer ALPARI Company as a broker. To get started, you need to open an investment account at ALPARI’s. Minimum deposit amount is $ 500. You can entrust all funds to our management or distribute funds between other investors by forming an investment portfolio.

Program: -Progressive, Broker: – ALPARI

Broker`s site:

Minimum deposit: – from 500 USD (EUR)

Portfolio building: – yes

Risk for 1 operation: – 6%

Maximum load on account (simultaneous daily downfall in case of 100% unfavorable conditions): –  40%

Maximum account downfall: – 70%

Profit distribution%: –  50/50

Expected income for the investor: For obvious reasons, we can not promise or guarantee profits. We can recommend to read the statistics of our operations in the broker. Take the decision yourself to the attractiveness of our offer!

Minimum investment period (we recommend from 3 months): – 1 month

Use of stop orders: – yes. Averaging operations (martingale): – no

  1. To start investing please register at the broker.
  2. Enter the funds on your account.
  3. Choose us as managing manager (Ckick to link>>>).
  4. Select – invest.

It’s easy!

If you have any questions please contact us about it!