Are you willing to automate your trade?

Do you want to repeat automatically successful

 trading strategies and deals – copy forex traders?

Are you need trading signals and need social trade site?

For your success, we  are offer our management account for copying!


Why social forex trading?

For beginners in the market: It is a great opportunity to start earning money from the Forex market without much experience. Having made all the system settings right, you will be able to fully copy our trade and receive a corresponding profit.

For experienced traders: Sooner or later every raider has a period of failures. Diversify your trading business. Complement your trading portfolio with our deals.

What is social trading?

How to register?

How to start copying transactions?

Once you start working with us, you will get:

Platform forex signal providers: – mt4 signals

Trade system: – Short-term position (position is open from several days to 1 month). It is calculated based on cycles and other factors. Read more.

1 operational risk (for one trade pair during the same period of time): – 5%

Stop Order: – yes

Maximum load on account (simultaneous daily account downfall in case of 100% unfavorable conditions): – 40%

Trader Expected Revenue: for obvious reasons, we can not promise or guarantee profits. We can recommend to read the statistics of our operations in the broker. Take the decision yourself to the attractiveness of our offer!

Possible level of downfall in the account (a cycle of failures): – 70%

Desired deposit rate, recommended: – From 1000 USD (equivalent).

Subscription cost, 1 month: – 50 USD (One successful deal with a size of 0.1 lot will cover your expenses within a month !!!)

Desired subscription period, for the maximum effect of the trend following system: – Min 3х month.

Please note! 

No one can guarantee you profits in the financial markets. Such guarantee is a deception. All the data presented on this site is an expected result based on the previous results of the trades.


How to order a service and receive signals for automatic trading?


Clicking on the link banner – subscribe. You will be taken to the provider’s page. Complete the registration. You can find more detailed information on the service provider’s website.