How to use “MAKE MONEY” service and use the Make Money Risk Calculator in your trading process for calculate level of risks? In this section you will find detail information about it!

“Make Money Risk Calculator” is an online service for the MAKE MONEY program, by which we inform you about new trading potential deals and about changes in previously offered trading deals. Also, if use “Make Money Risk Calculator”, you can quickly calculate the size of the trading lot, depending on the risk that you take for one transaction. In addition, you will be informed about which share of the capital is necessary to cover all deals.  Program are checking the amount of capital that you need for cover all the deals you have open. There will also be a calculate level of possible risk. You will open your deals with acceptable risk level only!

Warning. This calculator is not an accurate tool for determining the risks associated with trading in the forex market. This tool is allows only approximate estimates of possible risks with sufficient accuracy for making trade decisions. The value of foreign exchange indexes is equivalent to 1USD in this calculator. Thereforen, for the minor currency pairs will be a deviation. Also is not taken into account brokerage commission. Take this into consideration!

How to use the Make Money Risk Calculator service.

Register and order the Make Money service.


To use our trading signals you need to install the required software:

  1. Broker Trading terminal – a program where you trade.
  2. Mail program – to receive mail from
  3. Install WhatsApp on your smartphone – so we quickly inform you of new trading signals.
  4. Add the number +38 068 704 04 57 to book contacts on the device where you installed WhatsApp. ( )

It is desirable that the software has been installed on your smartphone. It is necessary for you to have quick access to information.

You will start receiving messages to WhatsApp and emails after registering (testing period) or ordering paid consultations. Go to the link provided. You will have access to the GoogleSheets table file.

You must also have (or sign up and open) a Google Account for use. If you do not already have a Google Account, then you can do this for free on: After registering, you will have access to the virtual Goggle drive and Googlesheets on which Make Money Risk Calculator runs.

Get started!

To get started, go to the link that you found in an e-mail or WhatsApp message:

Time to receive messages. We do market analysis either after the closure of the American session or before the European session. These periods of time is determine the future behavior of the market. Be prepared to receive messages from us at this time!

Open the file and save this file on Google Drive in your Google Account. Pay attention! You can only view the file by clicking on the link. Need to save a copy on your Google DriveIn order to be able to edit the file. You get full access and can make calculations and make the corrections if you need it after save copy in your Googledisc.


Calculation of risk.

Make Money Risk Calculator is contains three main fields. The input field is highlighted in yellow. (Number one).



This data is allows you to calculate based on your trading conditions (size deposite, level risk). Indicative field is under the number two. You can estimate your free money and risks on it. Information field is under the number three. Here you will find information about trading deals and the section on capital management.

Once you have saved and opened the file you need to enter the following values ​​in the yellow field (marked with 1):


Input size deposite the size of your trading deposit (eg 1500)

Input risk for one deal% – this is the risk you take for one trade deal. (for example, 5%, or other level. Use the accepted risk value permanently.)

Input total risk for all deal,% is the maximum risk for all open deals. This value indicates what losses you will receive in the event of the simultaneous failure of all open deals. Unfortunately – this situation sometimes happens.

Maximum leverage – the size of your broker’s trading leverage. You will find this information on the terms of your broker.

For trading, we recommend accepting and using a fixed risk value for all trading deals. It can be 5% or other value. As the deposit increases, the size of your deals will increase. In the event of a series of failures, the system will reduce your risk.

Based on the parameters you entered in the indicator field (black box) you will receive the following information:


Free cost the amount of free funds in your account. Pay attention to this value so that during trading you did not have a lack of funds. Calculated as the size of marginal coverage plus the size of possible damage. This is a guaranteed amount of funds on your account that will remain at times the simultaneous failure of all open deals.

Free margin available funds are the balance, minus the size of the brokerage coverage.

Total risk % real size of the risk of all deals – pay attention that you do not exceed your accepted value.

Use depo for coverage – the funds needed to cover the broker of your trade deals.

This information is essential for you to evaluate the level of your trading account and the possible level of risk. If the values are exceeded, this parameter will be highlighted with a red background.

Trading information (field number 3). You will find information on promising trade opportunities in our view in this field.


This section contains the following information:

DATA – The sheet number is above the date.

No. – Serial number of the deals in during last month.

ORDER DATA – Approximate date for the possible opening of a trading deals.

STATUS – Status of transa

ctions. NEW is a new deal. OPEN – open deal. This means that posting information about the agreement and the release of the updated newsletter triggered a pending order.

TRADE PAIR – recommended trading currency pair.

ORDER – type of pending orders. This may be one of: sell stop, buy stop, sell limit, buy limit.

ENTER – placing a pending order to enter into an deal

STOP LOSS – placing protective orders

MOVE STOP – if you need to change the position stop order to reduce the risk here, enter a new value this.

PRICE TARGET – is an indicative price target.

TIME TARGET – estimated time limit for transaction retention.

In case of any changes to the terms of the trading conditions, they will be highlighted in red. This means the following: If you see cells that are highlighted in red, then you need to accept and make these changes to your trading conditions. In this way, we mark changes in the new newsletter. This is done so that you could immediately see what has changed compared to the previous letter. As a rule, this may be a change in the position of orders or a change in the timing of a trade deal.

The part of the table – RISK MENEGMENT – is a calculation application for trading information. Here is the following information:

ONE DEAL RISK% – Percentage of risk per deal. We accept the same for all transactions. But if you consider it necessary – you can enter another risk value in the appropriate cell. To restore the previous state of the calculator – use the undo of the changes made.

RISK POINT – the distance to the stop order placement (in base units, pips).

REAL RISK SIZE – estimated amount of risk in units of your deposit.

TARGET POINT – purpose of this deal.

LOT SIZE – recommended size of trading lot for this deal.

Also, in newsletter, we give a brief description of the deals we offer.


To use Make Money Risk Calculator, take the following five steps:

  1. Register

  2. Receive a message from us and go to the specified link.

  3. Make a copy of the spreadsheet to your Google Drive. Open the file you saved.

  4. Enter the size of your deposit, the accepted risk for one deal, the simultaneous risk for all open deals and the size of the trading leverage in the appropriate fields.

  5. Place trade pending orders in your trading terminal according to the received data.

After registering you will receive the first trading signals. Deals are possible for your trade with the status “NEW”. Deals with the “OPEN” status are already open. This means that previously there was such a trading opportunity of the market. And the signatories had the opportunity to open these trade deals that had previously a subscription. We do not prepare recommendations individually. Trading recommendations and signals are the same for all users of this service.

This service Make Money Risk Calculator is easy and convenient to use. Actually is available from any device that has access to the Internet. Using this calculator will allow you to systematize your trading deals and calculate the size of trading risks.

To make sure this works, you can fill out the questionnaire right now and gain access to the test period. What you can do today do not postpone for tomorrow !


If you have questions about money management or placing orders, trading position –
send your question use contact form (ckick heare).