You have a unique opportunity to work in parallel with the professional trader. In this case you use manual control your account and your money. This is a good opportunity for your practice and develop as a trader. Also our trading system use pending orders allows you to spend less time getting to trade positive. Free your time for your affairs!


To use our trading signals you need to:

Install the required software –

Your broker Trading terminal – a program where you trade.

Mail program – for receive mail from us.

Install WhatsApp on your smartphone – so we quickly inform you of new trading tips. Add the number

+38 068 704 04 57 

to book contacts on the device where you installed WhatsApp. (

It is desirable that the software has been installed on your smartphone. It is necessary for you to have quick access to information.

Before ordering program make money, we recommend using the free period in order to understand whether you fit our service. Using a demo account, you can test how our recommendations really work. You will understand whether this is convenient for you.

What is the difference between trade signals MAKE MONEY and social  trading (copy trading) and why the cost of the above?

Ordering our consultations you the opportunity to ask us questions about our transactions and advice if you have such. We also provide an explanation as to planned operations.


Forget intra day trade as a nightmare! You no longer need to sit for 24 hours to monitor and wait for a favorable movement! At the base of our strategy is short-term positional trade. We define cyclical fluctuations (half cycle duration from one week to several months). Determine the beginning. We enter into an agreement to small lot. Increase the size of the position as far as our calculations confirm the market. Trade carried out by pending orders. Trading with so you only once a day to do your correction and put new orders. It takes a minimum of your time!


After ordering you start to receive messages on WhatsApp backup and an e-mail.

The messages contains links to where you need to go and read our tips and signals.

Similar information is sent to your email.

In the link you will find the following information:

1 – Identification – serial number letter and release date.

2 – Table with trading tips. This is all the necessary information to trade.

3 – DATA column contains numbers transactions and orders the release date of order.

Group TRADE RECOMMENDATION columns contain information necessary for invoicing trade orders. Group contains the following information:

4 – ACTION – information of action. It can be: a new order, change, trade (if the order is already open and do not change)

The information highlighted in red indicates a change with respect to previous recommendations.

You need to make changes highlighted in red.

Example: №1 position in AUDUSD highlighted in red STOP LOSS. This means that you need to change the previous value of STOP ORDER specified in this recommendation for the trading pair AUDUSD.

5 – TRADE PAIR – instrument trade.

6 – ORDER – type of order. We trade pending orders. The following types of orders: BUY STOP, SELL STOP, BUY LIMIT, SELL LIMIT

7 – COMMENTS: A brief comment that we provide if needed.

8 – ENTER: Placing order entry.

9 – STOP LOSE: Placing a protective order.

10 – PRICE TARGET: The purpose of which is to reach a price.

11 – TIME TARGET: All maintenance orders landmark open.

MONEY MENEGEMENT Group column contains information on the amount of risk. This is very important information. Since we use tactics storage position you clearly understand the level of potential risk.

12 – TIPS RISK: recommended risk per trade position. The value depends on the market confirm correctness of the chosen direction.

13 – START RISK POINT: Number of points in the stop order. This information is necessary to enable you to calculate the value of the lot.

14 – REAL RISK POINT: The actual value of points in order to stop if the transfer was made a protective order.

15 – REAL RISK: The actual value of risk for this operation.

16 – TARGET POINT: price benchmark positions (number of items).

One point the minimum price change. Makes four digits after the decimal point and two digits for trading pairs with JPY

17 – MENU:  quick navigation

Do not be afraid of so many values. You will easily understand how to use this table. You can practice when you order a trial period.




AGREEMENT – a trade one currency tool. (trading agreement AUDUSD means trading pair AUDUSD in one time)

DEAL SIZE is the amount of capital you can spend per transaction. Example. You deposit 1000$. one deal you are willing to spend 5% of your deposit which is 50$. Thus the size of one agreement is 50$.

CONTRACT POSITION – is the amount of orders one transaction to AGREEMENT . The main objective of capital management is to keep the risk at 100% for a single transaction AGREEMENT .

In our example, the position of the transaction AUDUSD has 3 orders. One active deal. Two others – pending. The risk of the transaction is -4.62% + 40% + 30% = 65.38%. This means we can open 1 AUDUSD another deal to risk 35% of the transaction. In the event of adverse market behavior we get a loss in the amount of 65.38% ($ 32.69) of the one AGREEMENT ($ 50).


The algorithm of trading.

Trading is in the process of calculating the value of trade and install of pending orders. Doing it in this order:

1. Determine the amount that you are willing to risk per transaction.

( Your depo $ 1,000. You are willing to risk 5% per transaction = 50$)

2. In a new letter in the column ACTION locate NEW ORDER that highlighted red (in this case order 2 and 3 in the figure).

3. Calculate the value of trading lot.

For example, for this example figure:

in order 2 Recommended risk 40%.

You can risk the sum of 50$ x 0.4 (40%) = 20$

lot Size: 20 $ / 70 points=0.28 Choosing values near 0.03 lots.

To order 3 recommended risk of 30%.

We can risk the sum of 50$ x 0.3 = $15

Lot Size: 15 $ / 90 points = 0.16  Choosing values near 0.02 lots.  

4. Set pending orders reduced by recommendations or make a correction orders are offered according to the recommendations.

It’s simple! Calculate the value of the lot and install order by the data and wait!


To control costs for position trading strategies, we offer the following method.

It is easy and ensures uniform risk depending on your level of capitalization.

1. On your trading account is the sum of that you are ready invest in Forex.

2. For each trade agreement take risks 1/10 from the sum of in your trading account.

3. The second parallel agreement we opens and calculated as

(The trading account – 1/10 first agreement) / 10

In other words, the deposit amount is reduced by 1/10 each opening of the trading transactions. (When you open transaction that you consider the amount deducted from the deposit risk). If we are fixed income that amount of deposits increased at a sum of income.

Example: your trading account 500 $.

The first transaction you risk 500/10 = 50 $. Accordingly, you calculate the value of the lot on the number of points to stop order).

The risk of a second a deal that opens parallel to the first.

(500-50) / 10 = 45 $. Your deposit 500-50 (the first Agreement) -45 (the second agreement) = 405$ is free.

Suppose you have closed the first agreement with a profit of 100$. You opened the second deal. And you are going to open a third agreement. The amount of which you can risk a third agreement:

(Free deposit 405$ + profit of the 1st agreement 100$) / 10 = 55$

This control system is not aggressive and can quickly respond to the condition of your deposit.

Risk is selected size 1/10. This is due to the fact that we are opening at the same time no more than 5-6 orders. This risk will effectively use available to you trading account and have enough funds to cover. If desired, you can reduce the share of risk. This will give strength to your account.

You have to understand, our predict trade pair and calculate the entrance to the market, and your open orders and money management are part of a system that works and generates income. Changes or ignoring the rules will lead to changes that affect profitability or even will bring loss. You must follow these currency trading tips. Only in this case we guarantee a positive result which guarantees our trading system.

If you have questions about money management or placing orders, trading position – you may contact your our support convenient way for you.