The period of retrograde Mercury strongly affects the financial markets and other factors of human life. No wonder astrologers pay special attention to this phenomenon.Did you notice such a period of life when you are not doing what you plan to do? When there are always some problems? And what could be the explanation for this? Perhaps the reason is the period of Mercury’s retrograde? Did not you think about it? And what effect does this phenomenon have on financial markets? How can you used it if this phenomenon have impact in market? Today these questions is in our notes of the currency speculator.


Today we will consider the effect of retrograde Mercury on the forex market. Why in this review? This is due to the fact that on March 23, 2013 Mercury moved to the retrograde movement. Here’s an astronomical calendar.

If you do not know what is this please read about follow this link.

What could be the interpretation of this phenomenon in astrology? You do not do the right thing. Projects you start in this period may not be usefull. The directions you have selected may not be correct. Accordingly, new trends in the market will be just corrections.

Look at the picture. The figure shows the quotes of the EURUSD trading pair and the Mercury way chart.

Black lines marked periods of retrograde Mercury. You can see that each such period is accompanied by changes in the trends for this trading pair. If you do an additional analysis then you will find that the semi-annual and year trends have changed precisely in the period when Mercury was retrograde. So we can assume that there is an effect of this phenomenon on the behavior of currency pairs. And in the near future, we expect the next such period to pass. How will EURUSD pair behave in this time?

We will try to predict the behavior of currency indices. Consider the existing planetary cluster and the transition of Mercury to the retrograde motion, we are assume a change of tendencies. That is, we expect changes in trends. The ending point of the trend is chosen at a distance equidistant to the nearest peak value. This is explained by the fact that a possible repetition of events when the Mercury returns to the previous position. But this point is not completely confirmed. Therefore, we leave this idea as an initial plan. Have such a forecast:

What is the benefit for a private trader?

Accordingly, by analyzing the indices, we find interesting trading ideas such as for a EURJPY pair. So EURJPY expects a wave of growth. This is confirmed if our forecast for the EUR and JPY indexes is correct. It is also acceptable for trading pair EURGBP. This trading pair moves inside in channel. And given our analysis, we expect growth. This information will be useful both for position traders and for intraday trading. Equally important is to know the current market trends. More trade ideas will get our subscribers in MAKE MONEY service.

Many traders have questions about the effectiveness of astronomical methods of forecasting the market. Indeed, this technique is not simple and requires specific knowledge. But as a result, we get a satisfactory result. For example, our trading result for the last month is 60% of deposit growth. The risk per transaction is no more than 5% and the load on deposit is no more than 30%. For more details, you can study the statistics for this link.

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