Do you know that as everyone begins to wonder how to buy an asset – this is a clear signal – time to sell! For you, notes of a currency speculator dealing with short-term positions trading in the Forex market. Week 51/17 (18/12 /20 17-24 / 12/2017). And today we are writing about:

  • an unusual look at usual currency market
  • new trading ideas.
  • how did we make money last week
  • how you lost your chance to increase your deposit by 54% during one week!


NOTE: Global and technical analysis – analysis based on the past. This is an analysis projecting the past for the future. A completely different principle lies at the heart of the astronomical analysis of the financial market. We know what astronomical events will take place. we are anticipate their influence on the psyche of the crowd. The market is a mirror of the behavior of the crowd. Thus, astronomical events correlate with the behavior of financial markets. And to your attention is the astronomical review on the forex market for next week.

At the end of the year, you can watch currency rally in market. But this year, currency pairs behave quite calmly. Why do not we see the good oportunity and good trends for different currency pairs? Did not you ask yourself a question in the last month of this year? Next week ends time during Mercury retrograde. Retrograd Mercury – a crook or opportunity for speculators? Usually the period of time known sharp changes in the trend. This year, the currency market responds calmly to this phenomenon. And again the question is – why the reason? Analyzing the astronomical calendar (you can download here), we see that in this period there is no powerful cluster of important planetary aspects. We can assume that this is the main reason. The market moves in the given framework. There are currently no astronomical factors that could remove it from equilibrium. And one retrograde Mercury is not enough. Accordingly, next week we do not see any significant reasons for global trend changes. Currency pairs will move in already defined channels (levels of resistance and support). The situation will change in early January. But this is in our next reviews.


By doing a cyclical analysis for next week, the following was noted: The vast majority of currency indices passes to the phase of movement against their main trends (as we forecast markets, read here). This makes it difficult to find interesting currency pairs for trading. We are not interested in side trade But we have good ideas for you!


Next week we expect the Euro to strengthen and the Australian dollar move to the next phase of decline. This should create favorable conditions for the further growth of the EURAUD trade pair.

Details of it trade deal and other trade ideas will have signatories of the MAKE MONEY program. You can order a trial period of the MAKE MONEY program right now by following this link!


Always wondering how traders make money on the market? Yes, it is? So, what we are trading last week:

EURJPY The deal is open. The currency pair is trading for a decrease. We are preparing to close the deal. Euro is preparing for start up trand.

EURUSD We are preparing for closing the deal.

CADJPY. The trading pair had a good potential to decrease. But according to our calculations, holding positions is risky.

AUDNZD Short-term deal. The rate for reducing the New Zealand dollar is based.

AUDJPY We expect a continuation of the JPY reducing. This should create good conditions for this pair next week.

NZDUSD It was allowed the entry point (occurred before the estimated time).

EURCAD Dismissed the idea.

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Our account showed an increase of 54% last week! Great result! Did you know that you had the opportunity to invest in our account at the beginning of the week and get a 54% increase in your capital! (without manager’s awards). The risk per transaction is about 6% of the deposit amount. The revenue last month is 19%, which is also a good option for investment.

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