The forex market is a living organism. And how everything lives – he is constantly changing. For successful trading, you need an understanding of the processes taking place at this moment in the market. If you have this need then our review is for you! In our review, we will try to assess the situation on the forex market in March 2018. Consider the reason for the reverse 13.03,2018. We will try to explain the behavior of currency pairs by the end of March 2018.

Let’s start the analysis on the review of currency indices. By knowing the behavior of the indices you can easily predict the behavior of currency pairs. You will also receive an answer whether you need to trade your favorite trade pair or pay attention to other trading pairs. Since the beginning of the month, most currency indices have two reverse point. The first reversing point occurred on March 1-3. The second reversing point is March 12-13. We will not consider technical and global analysis of the causes that led to such effects. We will explain this from the astronomical point of view (for understanding the information you need basic astronomical knowledge).

This is the basis for our trading method. To do this, use the astronomical planetary calendar.

During this period is a fairly large planetary cluster was present (From 01/03/18 to 15/03/18). It can be perceived as one and two separate smaller clusters (01/03/18 – 04/03/18 and 10/03/18 – 15/03/18). The market has chosen scenario of two clasters. So we got two turning points. Based on this logic, we expect the next critical period March 23-27. At this time, Mercury goes to the retrograde direction of motion. We also see three planetary aspects. And we assume that in this period of time there will be changes in market trends.

What trends will be on the market during the 12th week? Today there are certain trends for currency pairs. This is due to the fact that the reverse point was last week (12-13 March). And we predict the preservation of certain destinations all next week. If you are building strategies for building positions you can take advantage of this.

For example, we will take trading pairs EURJPY. Both the EUR and JPY indexes must move in the same direction. This creates favorable conditions for a trading pair. If you look at EURUSD then the multi-directional movement of EUR and USD creates the potential for this trading pair. The pair of EURUSD will decline. As you can see from our diagrams, the critical point is March 23rd. We consider this date to be critical for other trade pairs. So be careful when trading at this time!

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And this is one of the most important elements of trade – capital management!

Successful trading!


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