Regarding the influence of eclipses (both solar and lunar), there is a lot of different information about the impact of eclipses and this phenomenon on the markets. We will try to answer the main questions exactly for forex trader:

Do solar and lunar eclipses affect the forex market?

How to use solar and lunar eclipses for trading in Forex market?


Maybe you’ve heard a lot about the lunar and solar eclipses. Some people are worried about this. Others is simply ignore this information. What is really going on? Whether it is important for the currency trader to pay attention to this phenomenon?

During the eclipse occurs a short overlap powerful energy flows. We will not here consider the physics of processes occurring during darkening. You will find information about it easily on the Internet. We are interested in the main fact – does this affect the psychology of the crowd? Is this reflected in the market quotations as a consequence?

Typically, eclipses (full, partial, lunar, solar) is occur four or five times a year. A list of eclipses the onset time from 2010 to 2019 you will be found at the end. We will have a simple experiment. Take the daily chart of the American Dollar Index. We make such a choice because the US dollar has the largest weight in the basket of major currency indices. If the dollar reacts to the eclipse, it will cause fluctuations in other currencies. We will put on the schedule the time of the onset of the eclipse. Red we are mark the solar eclipse. In the blue color, we will mark the lunar eclipse. For better reading we will leave only the intervals of time which interest us.  We will have such result.

After reading the graph you will notice the following. Of the 17 marked 10 points can be used as good points of entry into deal. And this is 58%. But the open question remains – is it a coincidence, is it a regularity?

After explore the graph you will notice the following – of the 17 marked point the 10 points can be used as good points for entry into deals. And this is 58%. Open question – is it a coincidence, is it a regularity?

We will find the hint in works W.D. Gann  Basic idea this method is not enough single eclipse . Also you can find a description of this method in Patrick Mikula – Ganns Scientific Methods Unveiled. But with application for commodity markets. The principle of the method is this – see other astronomical events that occur during the period of eclipse and repited with another eclipse. This is an additional key to the possibility of using this signal. Such events may be astronomical planetary aspects (for this you will need basic astronomical knowledge).

Now let’s see how it works.

Example 1.  Lunar Eclipse.

27/09/2015 is the Total Lunar Eclipse. At this time there is also a planetary aspect of Mars 90 Saturn. 18/08/2016 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse takes place. We also find that at approximately this time 24/08/2016 there is also an aspect of Mars 0 Saturn. As we can see from the graph, the dollar index is responds to this event.

Example 2 – Solar Eclipse.

March 20, 2015 is the Total Solar Eclipse. 24/03/15 Sun has aspect with Saturn. Let’s remember this combination. The dollar reacted to it. 1/09/2016 We find Annular Solar Eclipse and at this very moment there is also the Sun-Saturn aspect. The result of the dollar’s behavior you see in the picture.

As you know, the stock market and the forex market have their own differences. Therefore, traders in the forex market have a question regarding the effectiveness of this forecasting method. To answer, take a CADJPY trade pair. Check the solar and lunar eclipses given by us. In the case of a solar eclipse with one day’s delay, the market gives us the potential for trading at almost 500 points. In the second case, the trade potential is 312 points (3 days late). Obviously, the delay caused by the reaction of the crowd to change the energy flux caused by the eclipse.

You can come to the conclusion that this technique offers good opportunities for trading.


  1. The market reacts to eclipses and events associated with them.
  2. The use of this method is possible as an additional indicator for determining the time of entry into a trade agreement.

We also use this method to trade in the forex market. This is an additional indicator. If you have difficulty in trading, we offer you to familiarize yourself with our MAKE MONEY Services. This can help you to improve your trading result.

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Successful Trading!

Eclipse (time Kyiv).

15.01.2010  9:11:22 Annular Solar Eclipse

26.06.2010 14:30:21      Partial Lunar Eclipse

11.07.2010 22:40:27       Total Solar Eclipse

21.12.2010 10:13:27     Total Lunar Eclipse

4.01.2011 11:02:36      Partial Solar Eclipse

2.06.2011  0:02:36 Partial Solar Eclipse

15.06.2011 23:13:34     Total Lunar Eclipse

1.07.2011 11:53:55        Partial Solar Eclipse

25.11.2011  8:09:40   Partial Solar Eclipse

10.12.2011 16:36:22       Total Lunar Eclipse

21.05.2012  2:47:00    Annular Solar Eclipse

4.06.2012 14:11:33      Partial Lunar Eclipse

14.11.2012  0:08:00  Total Solar Eclipse

28.11.2012 16:45:55        Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

25.04.2013 22:57:06     Partial Lunar Eclipse

10.05.2013  3:28:22 Annular Solar Eclipse

25.05.2013  7:24:55 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

19.10.2013  2:37:39 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

3.11.2013 14:49:56     Annular-Total Solar Eclipse

15.04.2014 10:42:17     Total Lunar Eclipse

29.04.2014  9:14:19 Annular Solar Eclipse

8.10.2014 13:50:35    Total Lunar Eclipse

24.10.2014  0:56:38 Partial Solar Eclipse

20.03.2015 11:36:09     Total Solar Eclipse

4.04.2015 15:05:32    Total Lunar Eclipse

13.09.2015  9:41:15 Partial Solar Eclipse

28.09.2015  5:50:29 Total Lunar Eclipse

9.03.2016  3:54:28  Total Solar Eclipse

23.03.2016 14:00:49     Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

18.08.2016 12:26:33     Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

1.09.2016 12:03:04      Annular Solar Eclipse

16.09.2016 22:05:04    Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

11.02.2017  2:32:51 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

26.02.2017 16:58:21      Annular Solar Eclipse

7.08.2017 21:10:35     Partial Lunar Eclipse

21.08.2017 21:30:09     Total Solar Eclipse

31.01.2018 15:26:41     Total Lunar Eclipse

15.02.2018 23:05:10      Partial Solar Eclipse

13.07.2018  5:47:49 Partial Solar Eclipse

27.07.2018 23:20:18     Total Lunar Eclipse

11.08.2018 12:57:41      Partial Solar Eclipse

6.01.2019  3:28:07  Partial Solar Eclipse

21.01.2019  7:16:01 Total Lunar Eclipse

2.07.2019 22:16:08      Total Solar Eclipse

17.07.2019  0:38:08 Partial Lunar Eclipse

26.12.2019  7:13:02 Annular Solar Eclipse

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