Often we have requests and questions. Please, quickly teach me how to trade in the market! I have $ 500 – how much will I earn? If I invest $ 1,000 – how much will I receive in a month? All these and similar questions called me to write this article. Here you will find information on how fast you will start earning in the forex market. How will grow your income! The information that provided here is important for beginners and will useful for traders with experience. So, find out how fast and how much you can earn by starting trading in the forex market?

So, if you read it then you are paid attention to the forex market. What do you want from the forex market? Obviously you are want to make money! Depending on the goal, people can be divided into three categories who come to the forex market.

  • Category 1 – 96% want to make money.
  • Category 2 – 3% want to trade in the market.
  • Category 3 – 1% want to earn money working in the forex market.

Typically, migration from category 1 to category 2 occurs over time. Sometimes the units reach the category 3. But not the vice versa!

Category 1

They say – I want to make money on forex. I’m ready to invest $ 500 and expect to receive – maybe a little less than a million.

I must to very disappointed your. You will not earn any money. Before get started, you need to know – Forex marcet is your business or not? For trading in the forex market you need to have special character properties. Not everyone can be doctors, policemen, teachers. Similarly, not everyone can trade on the stock or forex exchange. Why do you ask? Okey? Please – select. You have a good idea to sculpt pots of clay. You have other idea to invest $ 100 in a deal that does not guarantee you nothing? Do you think that second idea is just a misunderstanding for you! Then do your select own business are sculpt pots. With the right approach to doing things, handmade work also brings money!

Anyway – if you just came to the market – how much will you earn? Statistics show that the first category, namely 96%, simply lose money in the market. It is true!

If you have an inspiration and you are enter in category 2 and your goal is to trade in the forex market, then the next three points are a recipe for your success.

What is needed for a successful trading in the forex market:

1. A trading system that has a positive expectation.

2. Money management system.

  1. Iron nervous system and endurance.

Trading system.

You can find plenty of ideas on the internet. You can work with an experienced trader together. He will reveal little secrets to you. But its trading system is system of experienced trader. You need your own system! Yes that will fit your rhythm of life.

You have to invent your own trading system yourself. Test it. And after then constantly improve it. Only this approach guarantees you an understanding of what you are doing and an understanding of the processes that occur on the market. Yes, it’s hard! So it is expensive! But this solution is the one with which you will be most comfortable to work.

Money management system.

This is an integral part of your trading system. Why is it taken separately? Because without any funds management, any trading system is nothing! The trading system’s principle is based on the positive expectation of profitable transactions that guarantees profit. And the more deals you make with the trading system, the higher the probability that you will get a profit. And your money management system should give you the opportunity to stay as long as possible on the market despite a series of failures. These can be diferent methods but the essence of them is one – to keep your account afloat.

Iron nerves and endurance.

You are ready to risk investing in forex 1000 dollars. Perfectly! And how will feel you when you lose in one day, for example, $ 15,000? How do it? Very easy. If you manage $ 100,000 then it’s just a series of 5 unsuccessful deals at a risk of 3% per transaction. Are you ready to lose that amount? For you it’s a shock! For an experienced trader it’s just not a very good day. This suggests that you need to take a little pause in trading. Check if everything is done correctly you do. Wait until the situation on the market changes. Nothing terrible for an experienced trader. (Agree, you can buy for this money, for example, a new little Ford car! Are you ready to lose Ford in one day? How you will be sleep at night after it?) Remember – there is always a loss in the market. This is normal. And an experienced trader knows – that continuing to trade his trading system together with the system of money management through day, week, month will cover these losses and bring profit. Therefore, he is continues to work. He is confident in his system. He is calm! Do you ready for it?

How to make such an endurance in itself? How to keep yourself in equilibrium? There is a solution to this problem! Have you been doing sports? Try and understand your endurance. Hard schedule. Load. Restrictions in foods. Discipline. All this is make up your character. And when you have a target you will have the strength to go to it. Scientists have proven that sports, proper foods and full sleep are the basis for a successful and happy person. That is, in order to easy survive the loss of 15,000 you need to be a happy man! So in order to become a successful trader, you still need to start the right lifestyle and take care of raising the strength of your will.

How much will you earn at this stage? The correct answer is that you will begin lose less.

Professionally by mastering these three points you go to category 3. The category of successful traders! Here you will have new tasks – in addition to successful trading you need to attract capital, invest, promote yourself as a trader. With regard to income, then you will suffice for a good life. But you will be another person than when you came to the market. You will have a other view of life and another philosophy. And the focus of value will shift from money to other things. Money will become a tool. But this is another topic. Believe me – get in to category 3 it is very thorny way!

But you do not have to despair. All who come on the market as category 1 and lose the first deposit. Most from them completes its familiarization with the market in this point. Some one is continue to trade and begin to work with market information and with themselves. This process can last for years, decades! There are those that are most pleased to receive from trading. Yes! You know how much it releases adrenaline in the blood! And only most persistent go to category 3. But the advantage is that it’s never too late to start a career in the market! It’s never too late to start working on yourself!

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We hope that this information is useful for you! The market is provides various opportunities. This allows everyone to take what is acceptable to him! Remember that what you give the other, that to you and is return. So do not forget to share this information in social networks! And you will get profit!

Successful trading!


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