Forex market overview next week 19/2018

(From 07/05/18 to 14/05/18).

In the language of trader this means – trade or not to trade. That is how the situation in the forex market? We expect corrections. And there is a need to use to it. Indicators and calculations indicate a sure overheating of the market. Time calculations also indicate this. But is the market ready for this? Rather, what are the possible natural causes of this reverse?

Consider the diagram GeoLat motion of Mercury. Expecting the passage of the maximum. The probability of changing the trend from 60 to 100% for various currency index. But this phenomenon is weakly supported by other planetary aspects. In this period, we find two powerful Helios and Geo aspects. In our opinion, this is not enough. But this gives a chance for the expected short-term change in market trends.

Chart of the expected movement of the main currency indices, taking into account the circumstances described (USD D1).

One thing that is clear – the beginning of next week is the final answer to these questions.

Information for customer service MAKE MONEY.

The process of entering into trade deals is continued, taking into account the above-mentioned tendencies. For this reason, you get a lot of changes in our recommendations. This is due to the fact that we are looking for the best entry point and optimal trading pairs for trading.

Information for PAMM Investors.

Taking into account the described situation, the period of opening of new deals continues. Profit fixation was made at the end of last week. At the moment we are opening new deals. For this reason, there may be fluctuations and certain sums on the account balance. All deals are in line with the terms of funds management and risk level per transaction. The situation will be clearer after 08/05/2018.

The trading result of last week:

Have a successful deal!


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