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It does not matter what moves. The important thing is that it moves! And you can make money on it!
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This information will be useful for currency speculators who use methods of position trading. It will also be useful to intraday traders. It is important to know and understand where the foreign exchange market will move as first and second types of traders. This is the first foundation of a successful trade.

Why do we analyze it? – Based on the information obtained, we will be able to choose the best possible currency pairs for successful trading.

What do we analyze? We analyze the main currency indices.

How do we analyze it? For analysis we use astronomical, cyclic and technical analysis.

This kind of analysis will be somewhat unusual for you. But we are believe this approach to forecasting is more correct. It allows you to derive maximum benefit from the market. This allows you to choose those trading pairs that have the best prospects. So let’s start!

For analysis we will use currency indexes from LiteForex Company. What it is?

The formula for calculating these indices is quite simple: the currency index is equated to the product of the currency pair quotation (the sought currency to the US dollar) and the US dollar index. For calculated is used simplified formula of the average geometric change of the six currencies, against the dollar.

The main advantages of the index compared to the “ordinary” currency pair:

  • The index is a more correct reflection of the real value of the currency on the world market than any single currency pair;

  • The index is a complex derivative tool, which means that the influence of individual factors on it is not so great, that is, the index reflects the overall dynamics of the underlying instrument;

Astronomical analysis. Your attention is astronomical calendar – March 2018. We understand that you are most likely to have little knowledge of astrology. The essence of this method is reduced to the fact that a large accumulation of planetary aspects leads to an impact on our psychology. This is in turn, reflects on the behavior of the markets. For ease of understanding, we are brought important aspects into two columns on right side. We are noticed them of crosses.

Astro forex calendar

You can see the largest clusters around 03/03/18, 03/12/18, 24/03/18. Particularly difficult is the period 03/03/18, 03/12/18. It can also be the formation of a double top (bottom) or a possible culmination in the middle of this period – 8/03/18. Let’s take our attention to these dates.

Cyclic analysis. To each chart we add a graphic diagram. (As you know, any non-periodic oscillations can be decomposed into a series of harmonic vibrations – or a Fourier series). This should serve as an additional confirmation of the legend we have chosen.

Technical analysis. In this case, we determine the time frame of the existence of trends in selected directions. Fibonacci relations are well suited for this. As experience shows, very often the critical points are the following combinations: Top-Top + 61.8%, (Bottom-Bottom + 61.8%) Or Top-Bottom + 61.8%. Levels of support and resistance are more important at the next stage of forecasting – when you consider trade pair.

Detailed for each currency index:

AUD We expect the beginning of the growth trend. We are select critical dates. It’s 04, 12, and March 25th. During these periods, the AUD trend may change.

CAD According to our legend, the Canadian dollar went into the phase of correction. This period will last until 22/03/18.

CHF Frank is in a phase of decline. This period will last until April. Detailed information will be in the next review.

EUR The euro is also in a phase of decline. March 15 may change trends. But all events occur in the middle of the growth channel.

JPY After a short correction will continue to decline. March 13-15, we expect a transition to growth.

GBP Expect growth until March 07. Then down to March 27th.

NZD Kiwi switched to the next phase of decline. The first wave will last until March 23.

USD The dollar begins to return its positions. In general, we expect growth to March 04. Then the correction phase – which will last until March 24. Then again — growth.

The information will summarize in the table and analyze. We are specify the direction of movement with the corresponding arrows. Growing trend is up. Drop is down. As for the speculator, curiosity will be made by trade pair with diferent direction indexes. (Exceptions are trade pairs with JPY, for the JPY, the pair will move in the trend if the direction of the currency indexes is the same).

For example, GBPCAD from March 06 to March 23) During this period, CAD will be in the phase of growth. GBP – decrease. That is GBPCAD – will be lowered. We analyze other indicators (for example, stochastics). This confirms our assumption that the possible decrease for this trading pair during this period of time.

trade signals

Another example. Trading Pair – NZD JPY. In the period from March 03 to March 15, the direction of the indexes is the same. Both are in the phase of decline. We anticipate such a scenario for this trading pair.

trade signals

If both currency trading pairs are in the same direction (with the exception of JPY) – then obviously during this period of time we will observe the lateral movement.

So you can independently analyze the results of our analysis, presented in this table, and take your trading decisions. We just want to remind you that the method described here does not guarantee 100% correct result and all conclusions and trading actions you carry on your own at your own risk.

From our side, we see the perspective in this method of work and make our forecast exactly use this method. You can try to work with us. For this, read the MAKE MONEY trade signal program. You can also subscribe to the trial period of the program – and make sure it works. You will get trade signals information. Also at your service is a program for calculating risks. This will allow you to systematize your trade and strengthen risk management.

We will be interested in your feedback and wishes. If you find this useful – do not forget to share it with your friends on social networks!

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