The afforecast.com project is a private investment project. As an author, I am also an active trader and I constantly carry out operations in the Forex market. Accordingly, my service offers you to take full advantage of my technique, knowledge and ability to trade in the financial market. Today, thanks to technologies, you can start investing even with one dollar. Manage losses and generate investor packages. You can trade accurately copying our operations or building your own strategies using our forecasts. But all this needs a basis that allows you making a profit. And for me, this is the basis of my own forecasting and capital management techniques. 

In 2007, I started a private entrepreneurship of investing in financial markets. Having familiarized myself with works of the authors from different sources, I made first investments, which were lost in a short period of time. I was looking for new methods and strategies. My task was to develop a strategy to allow you to work in financial markets at a convenient time, which made it possible to combine it with work elsewhere. Searches did not give the desired result. I think it’s a common story for all traders. And I’m not the only one here. The problem is that the technical analysis is based on the forecast, provided that the market will not be changed for some time. Neither wave theory, nor other methods could help it. In 2010, I found articles by Bradley. He suggested a completely different approach. He pointed at factors that would involve changes in financial markets. Next there was finding and familiarizing with methods of astronomical methods by other authors. I must point out that none of the authors does fully reveal their secrets, showing only some parts. If you think that you after reading one or more books you will master the technique of astrological forecasting, you are so mistaken. You will have to work hard to gain knowledge. You will have to collect little puzzles for a long time, only then you can draw it in one picture.

 I must point out that none of the authors does fully reveal their secrets, showing only some parts.

 The result of the search, attempts and mistakes was a short-term positional trading system. This system provides an ability to predict and provide the appropriate rate of profit. And today I am an active trader. The basis for my methods of work is the astronomical forecast, which is confirmed by the technical analysis. To determine cycles and define critical periods, I use William Gann’s technique, the method described by Merriman, the DELTA method, and others. This combination gives the best result. The second important component is the method of funds management. Only a strict management allows you offsetting the inaccuracies of the forecast and bringing the system into profit.

The idea of the afforecast.com project arose as an opportunity to share the experiences and a method of monetization of the acquired knowledge. Today, technology allows you to quickly transfer the information both at the level of the trade idea and at the level of automatic copying of trading signals.

Based on my own market research, I offer three services:

Trading tips: We give you an idea of trading and specify the range of orders. You can either follow our advice or use your own trading method within the specified range. By ordering the MAKE MONEY service you will receive trading ideas and, if necessary, advice on their implementation.

Social Trading. In order to copy trade agreements, we give access to our account. In management, we provide the required rate of security and try to maximize profits for identified risks. If these conditions suit you, you can copy all our agreements into your own trading account.

Investing in our account. For investors, we offer two accounts with different rates of risk and profitability. Accordingly, you may not be engaged in trading and entrust your funds to our management through a broker. The distribution system is fully automated. You will have full information about the status of the account and the possibility of limiting the losses.

Since I made a lot of mistakes, I want my experience to help others who are on this path. The main thing is you shouldn’t spend money on trading in a real account unless you are 100% confident in your trading system and check it in practice. Invest in PAMM Accounts, copy transactions but do not waste your blood – the capital. Only when you receive confirmation of your ideas, start an independent trade.