FORECAST SYSTEMWhen you entrust the funds to the management or invest in trade signals – you buy a trading system. You have to understand in what you are investing. Your goal is to find a system trader. But in fact you can buy random signals obtained by tossing a coin filed under the guise of a high-tech robotic trading system. Therefore, before buying signals, we strongly recommend you to be interested in forecasting and trading techniques.


Does your trading system allow you to successfully trade?

For the success of your business you must understand the mechanism of its action. You have to be clear about what makes a profit. For speculators in foreign exchange markets, such a mechanism is a trading system. For example, imagine what you drive a car? If you do it well then you know basic elements of car and characteristics. You can identify the initial signs of a problem with the car and know what your car is capable of. This will guarantee you comfortable and safe operation of your car. Similarly, if you are a currency trader or a private investor you must understand the basis of the trading system that brings you revenue. If you are interested in our service, check out this information. It is important! This will allow you to understand the mechanism of our trade and to avoid a number of questions related to our trade. If you are trading on your own – give yourself an answer or your trading system complies with the main requirements. Maybe it would be helpful to turn to our service?


The trading system is a set of actions by performing a trader trading in the forex market by gaining profit or loss.

The trading system has two important components: capital management and forecasting. We can compare capital management with the foundation on which the building is located. This is the basis that provides the time of your existence and of your account in the forex market. The second component is the forecasting system. These are the bricks from which you build your financial fortress. And the more reliable and accurate these bricks will be, the faster and more confidently you will build your financial fortress.

Capital management.

This is the decision of the trader how much of the deposit he risks for one trade deal. This is an indicator that indicates the trader firmness to temptations. Yes, there is always a temptation to earn more. The trader should keep a certain level of risk. The level of risk can be determined on the basis of analysis of the forecasting system. The higher the quality of your prediction system (the ratio of successful and unsuccessful transactions), so you can risk large capital for one transaction. But within reasonable limits. You have to remember – there is always a chance in the market to get a series of failures that can lead to a complete loss of the deposit. And in case of such a situation, your deposit in the account should not fall to the critical point.

If you are very worried about it, it’s best to open a deposit in the bank. Investments are always at risk. And how unhappy it is – every other business has a chance to be unsuccessful. Maybe the investment is not yours?

Each trader or trading system has a probability of a series of failures which can lead to a complete loss of the deposit. Do not believe those who promise 100% safety of your deposit.

Trading system.

There is an opinion that the simpler the trading system is the better and more reliable. If you are a supporter of this idea – then our advice – it is better to direct your money to charity. Why are we so critical? The reason is that simple systems have a minimal advantage when entering the market. And as a result, you have a lot of losses when entering the market. This is due to the low advantage at the time of entering the market.

For a successful trading in the forex market the trading system has to solve four main problems:

  1. Definition of currency pair having the best potential of movement.
  2. Clear definition of the point of entry.
  3. Determination of the existence of an open deal.
  4. Determination of the purpose of the deal.

And the more qualitatively each component of this system will be identified and solved, the higher the probability of success of the transaction. You will have a quality brick from which you build your financial fortress.

How do we do it?

Definition of currency pair having the best potential of movement.

The basis of the definition behavior trade pairs is the astronomical and cyclic analysis of currency indices and currency pairs. We adhere to the assertion that astronomical events have a great influence on the psyche of people. And as a consequence, this is reflected in financial markets.

For an example in the picture you can see how the EURCAD trading pair reacts to the passage of orbit Mercury and Venus relative to Earth. Maximum points in the orbit correspond to highs in the market. We can observe a rather large correlation to assume that this is an accident.

Accordingly, we assume that each market has its own fluctuations corresponding to certain astronomical phenomena. So for the EURCAD trading pair, we have found the effect of the Helio Venus and Geo Mars cycles of the corresponding harmonics. We apply these cycles to the graph. In places where the phases of growth (or decline) are superimposed, we capture the best movement in the market. Of course you see a simplified version of the analysis. For full analysis, we use 3, 4 or even five harmonic components to understand the process occurring on the market. It is also necessary to take into account other astronomical phenomena that can make their own adjustments.

Clear and unambiguous definition of the point of entry.

Technical analysis is well suited to determine the point of entry. Yes – that’s the technical analysis that can not explain the reasons for the reversal of the trend. In this case – when we know when to expect a market change – it works quite well. This is a candle-testing, level of resistance and support and other methods. It works well in the complex!

Determination of the existence of an open deal.

Our trading system allows us to determine the time of the existence of the trend we need. This task is solved by cyclic studies and some technical tools (for example, Ganns time line). This is very important for tracking the deal. Observing the trend in this period of time, we can make an assumption – whether the situation develops according to the scenario we have set or whether it is necessary to close deal with minimal loses. We also know when to wait for a deal to be closed. This is an important psychological factor.

Determination of the price target.

As a rule, we define goals as a benchmark for calculating the value of an agreement. Namely, to determine whether the ratio of opportunities to get twice as much profit as the risk level is fulfilled. To do this, we also use the elements of technical analysis. This approach allows are follow one of the main rules of successful trading, the risk should be less than profit.

In our opinion, this is the minimum requirements that a trading system must meet for a successful trade. And we carry out our trade precisely by such an algorithm. This guarantees a successful trade and the stability of the deposit. You can see our trading results here.

Are you trading on the market? Give yourself a honest answer – Does your trading system solve the four problems we identified, which are necessary for successful trading?


Before starting work you can always ask a question – what do I get? Evaluate our advantages. This complex will make your work in the forex market a comfortable and productive.





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