PreferenceBefore starting work you can always ask a question – what do I get? Evaluate our advantages. This complex will make your work in the forex market a comfortable and productive.




Only by working with forex trading tips and signals service MAKE MONEY and will use our trade tips with short term trading strategies you get the following preferences of forex trading:


The ability to test works of trade tips system and get trial period for MAKE MONEY service!

Free registration and get trial period for trade signal program MAKE MONEY. Getting forex trading advice you can in demo or small real  account to test the system. You can check or you satisfy our trading tips for positional short term trading strategies in the forex market. Check how it works and you will understand necessity of go to our main service – MAKE MONEY.

Ability to use our service trading signals of any size deposit.

Our trading tips you can easily use for any amount of your deposit. Lot size is scaled depending on the value of the deposit. Optimally choose risk value.

Your account and your money under your control 100%!

Working with us you have complete control and managing your account. You define your own risk. Nevertheless we will recommend to keep all of our advice. You always have the option not set suspicious or controversial  trade deal. This is a major difference from the automatic systems. YOUR 100% control!

Unique forecasting. We are always used of advantage for entrance in deal.

To predict the behavior of trading pairs, we use proprietary methodology. This combination of classical  analysis and astronomical methods. This gives additional benefits and explains the strange events in market from standpoint technical analysis.

For the work we select only trade pairs with the greatest potential for movement.

While doing market analysis, we consider each exchange index separately. Based on their prospects we determine the most promising trade pairs.

Unlike the copy trading you accept the final decision personally.

Unlike copying operations you complete control over your trading. After receiving our tips, you will have enough time for a decision. We work on time intervals H4 and D.

You do not need to keep terminal online and wait near computer.

After receiving information from us you enough for trade smartphone for set or change orders. Do not waste your time sitting in front of the terminal. You do not need to be online in network. You are only set or change orders and will go make favorite thing!

Use short-term strategy, you will have a comfortable trading in the market.

Short-term strategy is the best (from a psychological point of view) and predictable strategy. You will have time to make deal. If you look on the outcome of this system you find it is no worse than other systems. It also does not require a large initial capital. View statistics.

Spend only 10 minutes a day trade!

All market analysis we do for you. You get all information – direction, point for enter, place for stop order and target. Only calculation of the size of trade lot orders and open trade order. For it 10 minutes is good! We use a short-term forex strategy. You do not need to sit in front of the monitor for 24 hours! Market will work for you! Make money use our short term trading strategies.

You will not stay alone with your problems!

Every week we are providing our comments to the agreements and logic of our actions. You always have the opportunity to ask questions. You always have the opportunity to receive an explanation in case of difficulties. Working with us you will not be alone!