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We understand your distrust of our proposal to use our trading advice. But you must give honest answers to the questions we ask. The conclusion you make yourself. The secret of success is hidden in our questions. Give honest answers to seven questions. And the key to success is in your hands!


So. Let's start. In order to master the forex market - that is, get of it profit you need a SYSTEM. The SYSTEM is a set of rules under which you trade. The SYSTEM consists of 2 parts - trade system and money management. Your trading system should work on any not regulated market and do provide a positive result. Your money management system should ensure opportunity to trade as maximum long that you stay on the market.

Simply and clearly secret systems described in the recommendations of the legendary Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt in experiment from their Turtle Trading. They have been successful -  they knew the secret. Now you will know it!

Find the two minutes - read this article. We open the mystical secret of Forex trading. We open secret that help you keep and will increase your capital. How make money with Forex! The mystery that will bring success in trading.


If you will cancel our offer, when you will next loss - remember our warning!


The secret trading system for forex market.


What to buy and what to sell?


Of course we are talking about the forex currency market. So we will trade currencies. Remains to choose the trading pair. How do you select pair? Are you trade EURUSD? Or popular pairs? EURUSD + GBPUSD? This is a mistake that many traders duplicated. At least you lose on this trade time. As you lose money the same.

For profit, you should consider all trading instruments (trade pairs). Of identify those that have the best prospects. The expected move your trading pair must be the same as the direction of the trend.


Question №1. Your trading system provides select for best trade for trading pairs that have the best prospects for of trend movement?

Yes? No?

Forex signal service Make Money.

For our trading advice we analyze currency indices separately. On the basis of them we made choice trading pairs that have the best prospect for movement.

How much to buy? How much to sell?


In other words - how do you choose the lot size for each operation? How many currency pairs you are trading at the same time? When you position adds? How much you adds to open position? How all this relates to the system risks? As you divide the risk in time? All these questions are united in the concept of risk. Each of these factors can be bring loss for you. Your system should provide clear rules - how many open positions. What size items with the same index. Distribute risk over time.

Question №2. Your trading system considers the amount of positional risks and risk-sharing in time?

Yes? No?

Forex trading guide Make Money offers a simple system of calculating the amount per one transaction in order to maximize the efficient use of working deposit.

Here you will find a mystery of mystical Grail that everyone is looking for. And this you have at your fingertips. Only need to properly use it. Forex Market provides a unique opportunity make a profit quickly. But he may soon take away your capital - you can leave all the deposit market with which you were going to deal with speculation. And 95% of traders are doing just that. Then they say that all this blame in others. But the main reason in themselves. Why market so mercilessly takes away money? Where hidden key to Secret of how to get money from the market?

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When to buy? When to sell?


The point of entry into the market. It must be convenient, comfortable and unique. Ease of definition. Comfort in regard to risk and profit. Uniqueness - no confirmation or confirmation. Confirmation as to sales levels and on trading ranges. This critical need to maximize the entry into the market. All your actions should be aimed at the most effective results. As a result, get a middle ground.

Question №3. Your trading system provides clearly determine the position of the entry point for the price levels and  time range? Yes? No?

The system which we use for predicting currency trading tips Make Money service is based on natural cycles, astronomical effect and technical analysis. This allows you to clearly identify the time and level of opening of the trade deal.


When losing position is shut down?


Your trading system should clearly indicate the position of the protective order. This should protect you from losses in case of moderate unpredictability of the market and other errors. You block the operation in a castle? Do not engage in self-deception. When you exit from castle is actually opening another warrant or moving the protective order on another layer on. That is an increase of losses. In other words an increase of losses. The second point - your stop order should be at a level that clearly indicates that below (or above) the error of your decision to enter the market. Movement below market position warrants must indicate clearly the market move against your position.


Question №5. Your system determines the position of stop order as an indicator of the movement against your position? Yes? No?


Use currency indexes for additional analysis allows early detect the error. It also lets you determine the level of output for which is false. This mechanism is used during preparation tips trading for forex service Make Money.

How out from of a winning position?


Your system should determine the position of the fixed profit. This can be achieve level. This may be time limits...


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