JULY 2017


Any business begins with the faith.
Faith in what you do. With faith in the outcome of your work.
And only then your faith will bring you to the goal!

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You are told that some kind of phenomenon has no explanation. Understand this as lacking the necessary knowledge from the one who tells you this. In the forex market, many experts talk about changing the trend after its change. We try to explain this before the changes and the reaction of the indicators. Your attention is astronomical view of the behavior of foreign exchange indexes in the forex market. July 2017.Check our trading advice. Perhaps here you will find the link that you lacked in your trading on the Forex market.



Prediction is an ungrateful thing. Especially in the markets. The following material does not have 100% warranty and is not a guide to action. This is just our view of the Forex market and possible scenarios for the behavior of currency indices.

To begin, we recommend to analyze astronomical calendar in 07/2017.

(Download calendar click here).

We select two periods.

The first active period falls on the time of 02/07/17 - 10/07/17. In the specified period of time there are aspects of Pluto with Mars and the Sun. Sun interacts with Neptune and Saturn. 5-6 July Venus and Mercury change the constellation. We make the assumption that these events will be enough to lead to changes in certain markets.

The second active cluster falls on an interval of 17/07/17 - 17/07/17. We will observe the following important aspects of Venus - Neptune, Mars - Uranus, Venus - Saturn, the Sun - Mars. The wide spectrum of participating planets indicates that the reaction will be in many markets. The complexity to predict behavior and trade imposes a stretch of range. For different indices this will be a different date of change. As a consequence it is difficult to determine the point of trend change. Need additional confirmation.



Based on our review of the calendar, we assume that the major changes in the market will fall over the period of these two clusters. Obviously trend changes need to be expected at a specified time. We note obtained above conclusions and made layout ideas by W.D. Gann and Square 9. Now let's see what results we got (Click on name for show).

  • EUR Approximately starting on 03/07/17 will begin to decline. 20-23 expect the transition to the phase of growth.

  • USD In the beginning of the month, we will see a correction in the form of growth. From 11/07/17, the extension of the phase of reduction to 21/07/17.

  • GBP In the beginning of the month, the Pound will go to a correctional decline. From 22/07/17 the beginning of the next phase of growth.

  • CAD The Canadian dollar is in the phase of correction. Obviously we will observe the lateral movement. Starting from 11/07/17, we expect the beginning of a new phase of growth.

  • NZD Started the phase of decline. From 12/07/17 to 25/07/17 The next phase of growth.

  • AUD is in the process of growth. After 10/07/17 decrease. And after 21/07/17 the next stage of growth.

  • CHF We forecast a wave of growth by 20/07/17.

And as a bonus we give a forecast for the trading pair EURUSD.


How can you use the information above? For your predictions, consider the direction of the trend. Pay particular attention to the trend points. As far as the information provided corresponds to reality, you will be able to see it soon. Check all by yourself. Or you can order our trading advice service, where we provide trading recommendations for trading in the forex market (the program MAKE MONEY).

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